Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have some free kittens

To a good home.


Grazina said...

I love your cartoons but didn't get this one sorry Dan :-(

Dan said...

You always see signs for free kittens. These just happen to be dead.

Grazina said...

I can see that, Dan. The problem is I love cats. Maybe that's why I don't think it's funny?
And you know I absolutely love your "senior" cartoons, one day a friend called me when I was looking at my favourite "Ed, wake up" and I was laughing so hard that he though I was crying - I needed a couple of minutes to recover. I'm saving money to buy it.
and the woman feeding the cat... oh, boy.. it's been making me laugh for a long time... the lady with swimming costume back to front is your, too, isn't it? I saw it online and can't find it anymore :-(
have a great day, Dan
back to work to make money (to buy your cartoons)

Dan said...

It can be too much for some cat lovers. It's not so much laffing at dead kitties, who would do that? It's the total absurdity of an everyday situation we all know. You can buy some greeting cards of the Wake up toon on my website, until you can save more!


5th row down and 5th one over.

Anonymous said...

Ah, i think you got yourself a "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" situation here Dan --Renee Magritte would've been proud of you :)

Grazina: Bear in mind there's aren't really kittens, but line-drawings that resemble like dead kittens ^_^

Grazina said...

Me siento mucho mejor ahora, thanks Diego :-)
Dan, love the cards, too, good idea to start there, thanks