Thursday, December 3, 2009

For the righties out there

For all the dittoheads out there including BigFurBall who tried to prevent this cartoon from appearing on 'that' website. Normally I don't post toons showing a big lardass on the Chronicle but since this one shows in such a clear manner what motivates the average Dimbaugh fan, I am making an exception to that rule. You see, BigFatHat, you can't stop the truth in a free society no matter how hard you try. You say you're not guilty of hypocrisy? You boyo are the definition of it.


Kevin Gleeson said...

Waitaminnit, pal. I'm BigFatHat. What's your beef with me?

Dan said...

Well if you are whom I was sarcastically referring to, aka BigFurHat, the one who removed my cartoon image and altered subsequent posts of mine on the iOwntheworld site using his administrator status, telling me then to "watch and learn" from the display of your 'omnipotent power' then the beef would seem to be self evident. The fact that you are also a rightwing douche-waffle who helps spread the pestilence of GOP propaganda through your lame-ass Photoshopping hackery is secondary though nonetheless just as instrumental in my instant dislike of you. But if that's not you then no, I don't have a beef with you.

Dan said...

I see you really are BigFatHat! You have a website! No, you are not who I was talking about. He is BigFurHat. Or BigFurBall or BigFatHead or...I think you get it now.