Friday, February 19, 2010

Vector me

I'm working on vector drawing my cartoon face I use for all my sites. Trying to turn it into a real logo. Also getting some practice t drawing vector shapes like my idol The Vonster. His tutorials were vital to learning this stuff for me. His blog is listed on mine here in the right column. Check him out; his stuff is stolen more than mine is! I will work on the shading shapes next. I could use a mesh style coloring but I will first do it in shapes. This is a lot of work but it's fun for me. I love learning new computer techniques. I spent so much of my career not knowing any of this so I take some pride in being an old dog with new tricks. This vector stuff allows you to blow up an image to the side of a building and not lose any sharpness. Vectors are resolution independent and are created with mathematical calculations. Makes me sound smert!


Anonymous said...

Which link is "the vonster"
I'd love to know how to do that.

Dan said...

art backwash is the link you want. he just recently offered a collection of his great tutorials in pdf form.