Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome... or maybe not.

This is still only a pencil sketch. If it gets picked then I will ink it. I am not submitting finished line art anymore for Hustler toon edits as they have decided to put out three more issues a year meaning the cartoonists have to produce three more batches to cover the edits. No more money just more work. That sound familiar to working people out there? So now it's just pencils for Larry which will save me days of work. If things get picked then it's on to the next step in the process but not before.


Toby_K said...

Hey, great work:)
I am a 15 year old English caricaturist and I would love for you to check out and follow my blog:
Feel free to comment, Thanks:)

Grazina said...

same with writing, I guess :o)

Rick Janes said...

Times have changed since I free-lanced. Good on you that they'll accept pencils instead of final inks -- that does save a lot of time and effort for the artist. These days I do more 'wall art' or illustration and pencils are verboten. (