Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sarah Reaches New Heights

The editor thinks the prior version made her look like a dwarf. Perhaps a bit. Digitally I can stretch things and reposition things a heck of a lot faster than with real paint. This is the third or so rendition of longer, higher legs on Sarah P. There's no original I can hang on a wall except for a print. That's the downside of convenience. I've been on too many extended safaris where editorial persons have tweaked a thing, and me to death. I will go with Painter 11. And there's no smelly media. I tried markers recently again and geez! how did we ever stand that?! I know folks who still color with markers. It's like, how did we ever stand cigarettes on planes? It seems inconceivable to us now. Too bad we didn't realize that then.
Sarah P. Rhymes with therapy.

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Anonymous said...

It's the curvature of her thighs that look dwarfish, not just the length. Looks like even if they were straightened out she'd still be bowl-legged as hell.