Monday, December 12, 2011

New project

I told you about a project I was getting involved with recently and today it is going public so it's OK to mention it now. It's headed up by Bill Kellogg who is the man in charge of getting the strip Tundra into 500 papers without the need for the big syndicates. No small feat there and the reason why I have more than a better hope of something developing positively with this. It's a franchise based cartoon paper with opportunities for anyone here who needs a job and wants to be their own boss. You can get all the details about it using the link. There is also a pdf download of the first edition mock up. You can see my strip on page four. I am very happy to be working on the strip again. It's the most fun of anything I have ever done regardless of whether it brought in any money or not. I love the landscape format after having been forced to jam a whole scene into a portrait aspect for 35 years for magazines. It's a strip a week so there isn't that 6 days a week crazy schedule of 'real' strips. We'll see how it goes. Check it out!

Turns out it was all set up to make other people money, not us creators. What a waste of time again.

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