Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hi folks,

Haven't posted for a bit. Not sure if anyone misses this blog's content. Been pretty busy with new projects and clients. It has been a year of change. I recall last year at this time the regular staff checks from the magazine stopped for the first time in well, since 1977. A long time to work for one company especially in this business. Print I am sad to say has not been kind to cartoonists in this day and age. Web is gaining. Businesses and companies want to have their own blogs and social media outlets and they want interesting content to augment their messages. Cartoons fit the bill nicely and cartoonists can certainly use the work. I have never and neither have you, seen a period like this in the profession of the cartroon arts where so many artists of long standing have been given their wlaking papers. And it is a time where humor and escape from the trials of reality have never been needed more at least to this handful of generations. Why this is so, I don't have an answer. I thought magazines and papers would be around forever! I am part of the problem as much as anyone in my reading habits with these new fangled devices. I have tried to get on board the e-train by learning how to create e-books which in my opinion is the best part of this new world. It has let loose the authors who could never be, to be their own publisher, distributor and on and on. That is monumental. As soon as some bright young kid invents the easy app for epub production the race will be in full swing. However I do wonder about the effect of letting loose a virtual herd of authors in a sort of literary stampede. The amount of content would be staggering and it would dilute the potential earning power of each author by the sheer numbers of participants.

Oh well, this post is also about seeing if I can post an image to this blog from my ipad on which I have been typing. Let's see.


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DanC said...

I guess you have to use your Picassa images. It would not let me peruse the Photos part of my ipad. Anyway this cartoon is good for the time of year. Enjoy!