Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Look what a fish."

Last Friday I went fishing for perhaps the last time this year thinking I most likely would go fish free as has been the case far too much this year. Instead I made the acquaintance of a local muskie monster. This time of year you can "stick a pig" in muskie fisherman lingo and this one qualified in the porcine category. I didn't have a scale but I would guess 30 pounds or thereabouts after hoisting her from the giant net. I had a measuring board courtesy of a nearby boat of muskie fishermen and she was 41 inches from my quick measurement. Had I squeezed her tail fin I might have gained a couple inches. I tried to get her back in the water fast though and she did swim away in good condition happy to report.


Mike L said...

Dan, that is awesome. Congrats on your catch and your cartoon success.

DanC said...

Thanks Mike! Took all summer to find one, then in a week and a half I have four big fish. I guess November is the time to go.