Friday, March 13, 2009

Fox Snooze

Did anyone else see Victoria Jackson on the Mannity's show calling Barack a commie and saying that Fox News tells the truth? Finally VJ's brain has caught up with her voice, though it probably was there from the beginning. I have gotten more and more incredulous at the outright lies I have been hearing from assorted conservatives on TV every day. They throw out all manner of fabrications all qualified by "I believe" and "I think" while flying in the face of documented fact. It doesn't matter what evidence is there, it means nothing to these vacant skulls. I just hope is doesn't take too long before the programmers wise up and stop giving platforms for this misinformation from sociopaths. I know it makes for exciting television but come on, let's start acting responsibly. TV news is not supposed to be a circus. Even though I would love to see Billo in the center ring, stick his head into a lion's mouth. You better believe I will be in the front row with my handy pea-shooter. I just want to make the show REALLY exciting. Change that to the 'No Head Zone'.

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