Monday, March 2, 2009

To Russia with love

I got an email this morning from someone claiming to be with Snob magazine in Russia. They wish to publish a cartoon from my website! Is that not cool? I am somewhat well known overseas it seems. They have a more relaxed sense of propriety over there and know how to laugh at a naughty joke. I have a fan cub in the Czech Republic who play with one cartoon I did years ago, photoshopping the star of it into lots of news photos. It's a guy in a green jacket telling an old joke. They have a web message board called 'The Joker In Green" or Cterak V Zelenum, in Czech-ese. It's kind of nice having my own cult. If only their charge cards could work on my site. Oh well, here's the Jokertoon as it appeared in Hustler magazine in the mid 80's.

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