Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sign of the Times

My daily paper has shrunk to the size of what used to be the Home and Garden section. The editorial cartoonist is still with the Dispatch but for how long is the question. Time magazine is now the thickness of a pamphlet on the latest drug for curing scrotal pattern baldness. Time sucks anyway so who cares. They started a cartoon page and then promptly cut it after one month. Nice job there Time, grasping at straws are we? If Time dies I won't care in the least, but if my local daily dies the long slow death where am I going to get movie times or the next goofy looking person in the obits to clip and add to my collection of goofy obit pics? I don't 'use' internet porn and I tire quickly of some buttwipe's opinion on what happened today in DC. I can't read the morning news on the web and eat my cereal at the same time or else I get milk in my keyboard. What will happen to print news?? The suspense is killing me. And the Dispatch.

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