Friday, May 8, 2009

Springtime has sproinged

I should have posted this sooner but there's still time. Spring is still here in all her wondrous warmth. It's so nice emerging from the cold and snow to green grass and daffodils! This is the best time of year because the seasons I love best are before me and the winter is at it's farthest point in our elliptical odyssey around the sun. I know that it can slip past quickly and if you don't enjoy it while you can you will be regretting it when the snow flakes start fluttering down all over again. Shorts, sun, fish, water, ice cream cones, vacations lie before us like jewels on the open ground. But beware, July 4th will be here in a wink and then the incline down towards fall starts getting gradually steeper every day, picking up speed to the day you notice that summer has ended. Then you wonder, what happened? It was here in my hand and now it has evaporated! I wish I had gotten out more instead of watching it whiz past my studio window while I slave over a hot cartoon. It happens the same way every year. But it is bright and new today. There is time now. Enjoy it. Roll around in it like a pup in the grass. Because spring never lasts forever and you won't get another crack at this one ever again.

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