Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am not an eskeemo.

I spent the first half of the workday cleaning up after last night's snowstorm. Shoveled eleven or twelve inches of a snow and ice lasagna mix, consisting of five inches of snow them a half inch of ice and another six inches of snow on top of that. A nasty combination I assure you. Especially for us shovelers. A snow blower would be nice but I heard it could also be too much for those with that ice layer of frosting in between. It can mangle the blades and jam. I had my SnowBlazer ® shovel and cleaned a hundred foot car lane down our driveway by hand. I can use the exercise to work off the Christmas cookies I amassed along my waistline during the holidays. Didn't get any drawing done today. Did some Flash training though.


Daryll Collins said...

I hear you Dan. What a nasty-assed mix of snow, ice and something in-between.

Dan said...

Hey Daryll. I bet you folks had worse ice further south.