Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama, Obama, Obama!

Today is the day I have waited for for eight years. Not just that a man of African descent is to take the leadership post of this nation, which is amazing, really, but that the man who stole an American election to become president has been supplanted. Don't kid yourself Fox News viewers, he did steal it with the help of the Supreme Court. You know it, I know it, and so does every American. The GOP muscled it's way through the election like a bully on a schoolyard. G.W. Boosh then took this nation down a path to get to where we are right now. Which is no place that a country this great should be. But the marvelous thing about this country is that it can heal itself with every election. True, this healing will take time, perhaps a generation to get back to where it was eight years ago but heal it will. Part of that healing lies in making sure a precedent is set. Making sure that future presidents will look back and see that breaking the law has it's consequences. Some say we should not mire ourselves in a divisive exercise of putting the very real criminals of this past administration in jail where they deserve to be. I say we can do both. We can look toward the future and at the same time prosecute the past. There are enough Americans to handle all the work it will take to restore our greatness once more. We are capable of doing both. If we allow the Bush law breakers to escape their just rewards then we are setting a precedent which will come back to haunt us at the very next opportunity. We owe it to the future to make sure this never happens again. Nixon escaped his formal punishment with the help of a Ford pardon and all those young neocons were given the example to build upon for their own stake in a Bush gang. They saw no need to worry that they would be caught or forced to account for their actions and they then proceeded to ravage America's good name for their own profit. I only hope that it will not take long before the architects of torture, financial ruin and brazen war mongering see their day in court. 
May God bless America once more.


Paul Giambarba said...

Welcome to the padded cell ward, Dan. Congrats on a great intro.

Doodle Zoo said...

Oh Great, now I have another distraction. This one looks worth while though. I'll be checking in often.

Good luck with it Dan.

Anonymous said...

Excellent cartoon, Dan. I think there'd be more than one pigeon "doing his business" though ;-)

Welcome to the world of blogging.