Monday, January 19, 2009

I enter the blogosphere

Here I go. The last step in on-line evolutional development is possibly the blog. I entered the computer world for all intents and purposes around 2003. Not that long ago when I think about it. But I've come a long way in that time. Learning all the things that modern people know about what is essentially a box on your desk that somehow connects to the rest of the world. I know how to do many new and wondrous things related to cartooning which had before then seemed beyond the reach of this old world inkster. Desktop publishing is something I really want to get to doing in a serious way. Just scanning a cartoon was, in my mind a magical process that now is common place. The world changes and you had best keep pace. I am glad I did, though the reason I started this journey was one of the most difficult circumstances I have ever faced in my life. But that story is for another blog entry. For now it is enough to just take the first steps down a new path.


autumnday said...

You know more about computers than most people 'round here. Have fun blogging, pa!

Mike Drinkwater said...

Well done on the blog Dan! You are always one step ahead of me and I don't know how you do that considering as I'm downunder and thus 1 entire day ahead of you!

I will be back here often to see what you are up to!