Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cartoon time

Calvin & Hobbes - Robot Chicken - The most popular videos are here


Anonymous said...

Dan: Adult Swim has been running some pretty bizarre yet refreshing cartoons....Assy McGee and alot of the claymation skit-type cartoons similar to this video you post here. It would be of great interest to you (I think), to check out "swim" and have a go at generating future ideas for your cards etc. Your new blogspot banner adds alot on the site and need to fix up my own cartoon blog takes alot of patience and time to devote to!

Dan said...

I saw Assy once. It was OK. Mostly gross. I found a site with tips for CSSing your blog. I am working toward a website redesign. Fireworks looks cool for that.

Dan said...

Some of the Adult Swim stuff gets pretty provacative. I recall seeing Fritz The Cat when I was a kid in high school. We had to drive 60 miles to the nearest theater it was playing at. Yes, CSS is a bit more complicated than your traditional HTML but helps your site exponetially in the overall grand scheme of webdom (via page placement through SEO). But I note you're on BlogSpot....and I still haven't had the chance to try out these tricks, but try 'em & see what the heck you can do with them. These are worth it, or search engine optimization specialists wouldn't be talking about these online.
Have a go at it, mate. I just finished a book cover for an Ebook for an educational institute out east (after many frustrating redraws), and had a years's worth of dental cartoons approved by a state dental assn. monthly. Also recently launched several new Zazzle stores after alot of laying out, planning and then promoting....taking up much tedious time but already sold a couple items via a law gift store so no complaints.
Also restripping and redesigning a specific catalog of cartoons on a certain niche I am adding more images to and then re-launching.
Hope all your cards are selling good now.... heard from an old contact the Comstock's been tough to deal with lately.

All the best -

Niche Cartoons For Editors

Dan said...

I wouldn't sell a card to Comstock if they paid me. They stole one of my ideas and had Trosley draw it. I called them up and got no cooperation from them. Those women are thievin' rats.