Friday, January 1, 2010

Old joke, new toon

228 cartoons posted in 2009, the first year of the blogging. It's been fun, I hope you enjoyed it. Blogapedia will start selling our blog content this year and hopefully all this "hard work" will have a pay off! In today's cartoon biz you have to diversify; well I guess that has always been the case but it has become more crucial now than ever. Publications are dying and newspapers aren't the holy grail they used to be. Garfield is crapping his pants (if he had pants). People still need cartoons as much if not more than ever before. The trick is how to make it pay for the artist or more appropriately, the TONS of artists out there. There are more cartoonists now than in the history of funny scribbles on paper. Let us hope that there will be a way for people to make a living at it even when all our news is delivered via an implant device in our inner ear. When my sinuses are clogged I can't get the Galaxy Idol channel.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. If anything i learned last year after joining the NCS, was that cartoonists are a dime a dozen these days :P

Hopefully the best of us will endure...