Friday, February 13, 2009

Back on the air

We had another wind storm Wednesday night that almost rivaled Hurricane Ike that blew through here last year and knocked out the power for all of my little town. Thursday was spent chopping firewood to keep the house warm and also cleaning out the fridge since it was emptied anyway (food put into coolers). The usual (Ohio) hurricane proceedure.

I tell you, I am going to get a generator. I am tired of sitting in the dark and listening to someone else's generator run all night. It seems if Mother Nature so much as farts anymore the power goes out. During Ike we went several days without electricity. As God is my witness I'll never be power hungry again! (me channeling Scarlet O'Hara). Oh Ashley! Damn that terrible wowah. (war)

This cartoon has no connection to any of this.

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