Monday, February 9, 2009

Pencil me in

Some cartoons I just do in pencil for an edit when time is short. This one is the tried and true fart joke. They never miss and seem to be gaining quite a bit of traction in the greeting card market if you've scanned the shelves in the last couple of years. The card companies are falling over themselves to put out fart cards, butt cards, cards that say 'ass'. I even had a big seller in my Schitt Family Tree card. Hottest selling card in the US and Canada last summer quarter in it's initial run. The world is gradually sinking down to my level it would seem. Or maybe they're just loosening up a bit which they needed to do anyway after 50 years of suffocating propriety. When faced with sinking revenues a card company will do just about anything to move those units. Works for me! Check your local American Greeting display and look for the Collins brand. Your best bet in humorous cellulose salutations!

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