Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unreasoning fear

When you have been under a dark cloud for so long, as we have been here in America, you tend to develop a fatalistic mindset that it will just keep getting worse. Every day brings the threat of more bad news with good news nearing extinction. So it is easy to understand why we might start to think that something has to go wrong with the feeling of hope we all felt (except Lord Emperor Cheney) on January 20th. I mean, something's got to come along and just blow it out of the water; it always does! Just when we start to see some light on the horizon we also think, maybe it's the glow of an asteroid entering the atmosphere prior to impact. We've just gotten used to it. We try to soften the blow by anticipating it and rolling with it. It's a natural tendency.

I hope we can grow out of this soon. It will take some time. A puppy will still flinch at the site of a rolled up newspaper long after he's had his last swat. It's a reflex action. It will just take a lot of newspapers with Obama's face on them in place of that last assteroid.

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j grasdal said...

great gag. I think I've shared a pitcher with that guy.