Friday, February 6, 2009

Straight Lines

A new item for the blog: in these posts I will be putting up simple line drawings which I do for edits. If and when they are accepted by a magazine then they get the greyscale or color treatment for publishing. Over the 30+ years I have been drawing professionally I have accumulated over 10,000 of these things which are stored in dozens of cardboard boxes and Rubbermaid containers. So I should have plenty for posting here at the Chronicle. "The Chronicle". That sounds like I work at a real newspaper or something. I wonder if there is some kind of CD you can get with the sounds of a newsroom in full production mode. That would make a great addition to the muzak in newsrooms where most of the reporting staffs have been cut loose, for the benefit of the few who remain or just out of a sense of nostalgia. I used to be able to hang around the newsroom at the Delaware Gazette when I was their editorial cartoonist in the 90's. It was fun! Then the paper sold and they had no use for cartoons or the people who had been working there for years. Maybe this cartoon has something to say about what this country has gone through this decade. We should all be thinking a little further down the road as to what our own legacies will be.

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